Keynote Sessions

Opening Session: To be announced.

Wednesday, 11/8   |   09:30-10:00 a.m.   |   Grand Ballroom

Liang-Gee Chen

Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology / Taiwan

Session description will be available soon. Please check back.

The Role of Talent Development in Successful Organizational Transformations

Wednesday, 11/8   |   10:00-11:00 a.m.   |   Grand Ballroom

Marci Meaux

Chair of ATD’s Board of Directors, Association for Talent Development (ATD) / USA

This session will focus on how to lead successful transformations. The speaker will share success stories from her time driving top change initiatives for a major computing coporation, and will engage you in thinking about the future of transformations. The session will explore insights on why transformations are important to businesses and individuals. You will learn what makes a transformation fail or succeed and how to prepare yourself and your organization for a successful transformation.

CEO Forum: Corporation Transformation and Innovation

Friday, 11/10   |   14:00-15:30 p.m.   | Grand Ballroom I

Joseph N.C. Huang
President, E.SUN Financial Holding Company/E.SUN Commercial Bank / Taiwan


Chairman, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co. / Taiwan

The age of acceleration is here, bringing with it trends such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and financial technology. Rapid changes to technology, markets, and social media have subverted people’s needs for stability, and deepened future uncertainties. This session will facilitate dialogue between elite leaders and trendsetters from different industries to create a new outlook for industry developments. We will explore the impact of cutting-edge technology on changing industry trends, as well as the response strategy. Then, we’ll apply our insights to the fields of talent cultivation, deployment, and leadership development in the digital age.

Closing Session: Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change

Friday, 11/10   |   15:30-16:30 p.m.   | Grand Ballroom I

Karen Hough

Founder and CEO, ImprovEdge

Change is difficult. It demands flexible and innovative behavior and can feel overwhelming. Where to start? In this session, improvisation will be your guide. Why? Improv is an interactive and proven model for behavioral innovation and change. Improvisers collaborate, play, think upside down, and brainstorm more efficiently. Leveraging these behaviors in organizations propels both people and ideas forward. Join Karen Hough for a high-energy keynote on the Improv Cycle of Change and Innovation, which can radically improve collaboration, creativity, and your ability to manage change. Improvisers think on their feet and manage extremely well in risky situations. The surprise is that the little-known techniques of improvisers can create incredible performance for your team and organization. This session will provide clear techniques for creating more collaborative, innovative interactions; use case studies and exercises to demonstrate how to change behavior; and offer a new way to manage change while being creative and innovative. You will explore key improv behaviors, each critical to a good improv show as well as driving better organizational performance.