Two Hats: Guidance for ATD Chapter Leaders When Serving Their Peer Leaders 

Every chapter leader wears two hats: that of a leader, with responsibility to others and to the chapter; and that of a volunteer, a person who desires to do good serving their profession and their community. Wearing both hats simultaneously brings unique challenges! 

This preconference session, co-facilitated by volunteer engagement experts Ben Bisbee and Barry Altland, promises to impart the critical knowledge and skills needed for chapter leaders to deepen volunteer engagement—for themselves and others!

The session will be offered in two parts. The part led by Ben will focus on the language and framework of successful peer-to-peer interaction in a volunteer-driven setting. It will showcase eight thoughtful steps to powerfully begin the process of effective leadership and followership with those peers, whether you’re on or off the clock.

In the second part, Barry will provide chapter leaders with tools and templates to tap into the intrinsic motivators of their peer chapter volunteers. Through knowledge sharing and skill building, you’ll be prepared to provide a significantly deeper engagement experience for yourself and others.


Ben Bisbee

Ben Bisbee is a nonprofit professional with more than 18 years of experience in hands-on program development, corporate engagement, fundraising, and professional writing on the subject of corporate and nonprofit engagement and relationships. He is founder and principal at Rhinocorn Consulting, a nonprofit advancement consultancy focused on the industry of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how it can benefit nonprofits. Ben is passionate about how CSR works for nonprofits and for-profits alike, creatively developing lifelong relationships and financial partnerships. Ben has worked for or been contracted with several local and national nonprofits, such as Realized Worth, the American Red Cross, First Book, City Year, the National Football Hall of Fame, and AmeriCorps. He is a founding member of IMPACT 2030, the only business-led effort designed to marshal the power of human capital investments to address UN Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals in developed and developing nations.


Barry Altland

Barry Altland is a writer, speaker, organizational partner and consultant, nonprofit executive, thought leader, and author of the book Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer, a simple guide for feeding the passion of those who serve.

Barry blends world-class leadership principles from the for-profit world with his own numerous experiences as a volunteer and leader of volunteers, including five years on the board of directors of the Central Florida chapter of ATD, to offer a fresh perspective on volunteer engagement.

The result of these experiences is content-rich guidance for leaders of volunteers to help them lead with compassion and respect. As leaders embrace Barry’s unique perspective, they develop into leaders better prepared to touch the hearts of their peer leaders by engaging them one person at a time.

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