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Attendees will participate in eight sessions that will incorporate ATD's ACCEL framework.

ACCEL Themes

Collaboration: Creating and Sustaining Teamwork, Professor Victoria Brescoll

Learning Objective: Learn the knowledge and skills for managing groups effectively.

Engagement:  Encouraging and Leveraging Employee Motivation, Professor George Newman

Learning Objective: Understand the levers that managers and organizations can use to encourage employees to act in ways that are consistent with organizational goals.

Communication: Effective Dialogue in Changing Environments, Col. Pilar Ryan or David C. Tate

Learning Objective: Examine key challenges, both organizational and interpersonal, that arise in transforming employment relationships.

Accountability & Listening:  Giving and Soliciting Feedback, Professors Heidi Brooks and Marc Brackett

Learning Objective: Know what it takes to be an effective manager who can develop subordinates through effective coaching and feedback.