Convince Your Boss

As a talent development professional, you understand the value of attending conferences to stay at the top of your game, but your manager may only see dollar signs and time away from the office. Follow these steps to build a case for your request, and show the value and the return on investment to your company.

Step 1: Review Sessions and Content Tracks

ATD’s Talent Development in Industries (TDI) conference will show you practical methods to build a company culture of innovation, create sustainable regulatory and compliance programs, and gain insights from real-world case studies. Customize this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend, and detail how these sessions will help solve your organization’s workplace challenges.

Step 2: Stress the Value for Your Organization

Unlike most workshops, TDI provides you with the chance to network and gain fresh perspectives from experts in like-minded industries, particularly healthcare, finance and manufacturing. Take part in cross-industry sessions, where you will experience what other heavily regulated organizational leaders are doing to improve their company culture and learning programs. Fill out this worksheet to approximate the financial investment required for you to attend.

Step 3: Put It All in Writing

Customize this letter to help your manager understand why TDI is one of the most cost-effective and valuable workshops for you.