Creating Best Practice and Breaking Misconceptions in eLearning

Erin Higgenbotham

Designing and developing learning programs for technical training for manufacturing, typical delivery methods such as OTJ, mentoring, instructor led training, written training manuals, etc. have been the mainstays within technical training because, when done correctly, they do work. But sometimes, it can seem a daunting task when it comes to integrating into manufacturing sphere, learning curricula such as micro-learning, hybrid/blended learning, or techniques such as gamification. Sometimes you may get push-back from key individuals not seeing how these new “buzzword of the year” actually can enhance the learner’s experience. There are ways to integrate micro-learning, hybrid/blended learning gamification techniques into technical/skills based training that can enhance the learner experience.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Common misconceptions about micro-learning, hybrid/blended, and gamification.
  • Practical applications/examples of the above techniques in manufacturing
  • Best practices for successful implementation