How Savvy Training and Development Professionals Lead

Liz Weber

Being a trainer, instructional designer, organizational development consultant, HR professional, or manager is tough. If you’ve come up through the ranks to your new position, it can feel even more challenging to be viewed as an experienced professional and leader if you continue to practice the common behaviors of TD professionals shared in this presentation.

From frontline trainers to the most seasoned practitioners, leadership consultant Liz Weber has seen too many people work harder than they need to, create confusion where there didn’t need to be any, and fail to earn the money, positions, and respect they seek.

In this session, award-winning author and strategic leadership expert Liz Weber highlights behaviors TD professionals need to stop doing and what they need to start doing to realize the outcomes, success, and rewards they deserve.

You will uncover some painful professional weaknesses, but will also be given the solutions to become even more savvy!

By attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Affect the three controllable factors that impact your brand as a TD professional.
  • Create a process for developing leadership skills in other team members yourself to build stronger, more engaged and productive teams, boards, or organizations.
  • Articulate your value to clients, leadership teams, team members, and other stakeholders.
  • Identify which behaviors to start and which to stop to enhance your effectiveness.