One Financial Organization’s Journey From Compliance to Connection

Jonathan Ellis

Long gone are the days where members of a financial institution just need someone to process a transaction for them. Now financial institutions must improve the lives of their members. People want—and deserve—sensible conversations about their financial health, as well as simple tools to help them plan, save, and borrow responsibly. We want to help our members make smart financial decisions that allow them to feel secure today while planning for tomorrow. To accomplish this, we need the right people with the right training providing the right experience for our members. In this session, we will explore the transformative journey that one organization took in completely reimagining what their talent development programs looked like as they relentlessly pursued their mission to improve the lives of their members.

In this session, you will:

  • Discuss the unique challenges that the traditional bank branch model presents for talent development professionals.
  • Discover ideas on how to address those challenges right now.
  • Explore what the future of talent development looks like in the financial industry.