The Role Artificial Intelligence (AI) Plays in Regulatory Compliance Within the Financial Sector

Kayvan Alikhani

One of the most challenging hurdles financial institutions face is the burden of regulatory compliance. Banks have been spending billions of dollars on compliance every year for the past decade, and the demand and pressure show no signs of slowing down. AI-fueled RegTech solutions offer modern approaches to the various pain points faced by compliance professionals in managing regulatory demands, drastically lowering the time and resources needed to manage regulatory changes. Learn about three practical applications for AI and machine learning in managing regulatory compliance and the role compliance professionals will play with the increased uptake of AI-based solutions.

By attending this session, you will learn:

  • how machine learning and AI affect regulatory change management
  • three practical applications: classification, automatic summarization, and workflow
  • the role compliance professionals play in an AI-influenced regulatory change management ecosystem.