Creating a Mindset for Change

Change is inevitable. It’s not only a constant within our personal lives, but a reality within our organizations as well.The problem is this: Not everyone is ready for change, and not every organization is ready for change either. Fail to adapt, and stagnation is soon to follow. So, what’s the solution? The answer lies between your ears. Change begins in the mind. Once you and your organization develop a mindset for change, unconscious and reactionary decisions will slowly evolve into creative and intentional decisions. That’s exactly where innovation begins.

Join global workforce innovator Laura Goodrich in this webcast, who has been helping organizations with change for over 20 years, as she coaches you and your organization on how to develop a mindset for change. Laura provides the tools needed to create awareness for change and take action.

Learn more about creating a mindset for change directly from Laura at TalentNext November 6-7 in Seattle.