6Ds® Workshop

November 6-7, 2017

Program Information

Learning professionals must demonstrate strong consulting skills to successfully guide their organizations toward optimal performance. Ensure your ability to practice the most effective behaviors and processes for internal consulting within your organization. Explore ATD’s 5-D model and practice 30 fundamental consulting competencies with tools that can be put to use on the job immediately.  External consultants will find that they will also benefit from the concepts covered in the course.

Collaborating in small groups, you’ll follow a case study from start to finish, apply skills to consulting scenarios, solve problems, role-play meetings, try out checklists, and make decisions just as consultants do every day. You’ll leave the program knowing your areas of strength and need, and will have the opportunity to create a personal development plan to become a better consultant. In a recent study, 100 percent of participants felt that the ATD Consulting Skills Certificate was a worthwhile investment, because it provided a practical model and structured approach to a consulting engagement, and empowered them to ask the right questions of their clients.

Learning Objectives 

At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • Explain why training must always be linked to strategic business needs. 
  • Use the Outcomes Planning Wheel to identify business needs, expected behaviors, and conditions of satisfaction. 
  • Apply the concept of the “New Finish Line” to enhance learning transfer. 
  • Define “cognitive overload” and explain its detrimental effect on learning. 
  • List the key factors in the transfer climate and apply them to their own programs. 
  • List the times when performance support is especially valuable and its salient features. 
  • Develop a relevant performance support strategy for a learning program. 
  • Explain the connection between measurement, the PDCA cycle, and process improvement. 
  • Define the four guiding principles of program evaluation and apply them to a learning initiative. 
  • Generate an evaluation plan that will produce relevant, credible, and compelling data. 
  • Define and achieve a goal for applying one or more of the 6Ds to their own current work. 

Why You Should Attend:

In this workshop, you with learn practical skills and techniques which, when applied, will enhance the effectiveness of the training you design and deliver. As a result, you will enjoy greater respect as a learning professional and will be viewed as a strategic business partner, rather than simply an “order- taker” for training. 


Roy Pollock

Roy Pollock is the Chief Learning Officer of The 6Ds Company and co-author of the Six Disciplines. He has led both businesses and learning organizations.